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TOP TWO!!! January 8, 2008

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I have officially made it into the top two of the Penguin Oscar Awards!!!! I am so excited! However, I have not been getting the most votes during the sessions! C’mon! I need EVERYONE to vote for me!!!!!

😆 I don’t care if you know me or not…..LET’S CAST SOME VOTES!!! W00T!!!! 😆

Also, I would like to congratulate Emtek77, who had the most votes last week, and who is in the bottom 2 with me. YAY EMTEK77!!!

Please remember to scroll down to the first post I made about the POA. It shows all of the incentives I have organized for if I win or get second.<3





Icis’s Page Opened! January 2, 2008

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Hey penguins! Cream here! 😀

Well, Icis, Sweet Sa’s puffle, opened her page! GO LOOK!

Lol I just made this post because she didn’t. YAY

~Creamfan2 :mrgreen:

PS Good luck in the POA Sweet Sa!!

Keep the Votes Coming-and I’m Back! December 31, 2007

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Hey everyone! I’m back!!! YAY! *gives out pies* Wow! So much has happened while I was gone!

  • Cream’s B-Day!<3
  • TWO POA eliminations! (I’m safeee!!!)
  • I have reached 44,000 hits! OMG! I never thought I could make a comeback after my break!

Remember-keep Sweet Sa alive in the Penguin Oscar Awards! Remember to vote for me again in elimination 3! I’m sorry to the contestants who have been eliminated. Great job though!

Remember to check the post below the one announcing my vacation. READ IT!!!!!! IT’S IMPORTANT AND IT IS UPDATED!!! Here is the link in case you can’t find it.


Thanks to you all for being so outstanding! I’m honored to be in the POA even after being on vacation for 5 days. http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/

~Sweet Sa~

Away for the Week December 24, 2007

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I’m sorry peeps, but I’m going to be on vacation from the 25th (Christmas!) to the 28th. I may get a chance to check on the site while I am on vacation, but please do not be disapointed if I cannot edit comments until I get back. Also, remember to check the Penguin Oscar Awards site every day to see if any eliminations have taken place, and be sure to vote for me after every elimination!


Love, Sweet Sa

Happy Holidays!

The POA are Back! And I’m in it!!! December 22, 2007

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Hey all of you craaaaazy penguins! (Don’t worry being craazzzzy is a good thing!) Guess what? Wellll…if you didn’t read the post’s title, the Penguin Oscar Awards are back! It’s season 5 ready! Whew! After last season’s friendly competition between Creamfan2 and Snow949, it’s my turn to shine!

Here is an outline of the season thus far…

Contestants (5):

  • Sweet Samoa (Meeee!!!!!!<33 pie for all of yahh!)
  • Tails6000 (This kid is soo cool! Good luck! *gives pie*)
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emtek77 (Awesome<3)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Silver Cobra (Don’t know him but good luck anyway!)
  • Spurs1996 (Still don’t know him…but I’ll give you a free pie anyway!)

Eliminations (4):

1. Tails6000

2. Silver Cobra

3. Spurs1996

4. Me 😦


Now you all may be wondering, “What’s in this for me?” Well you guys lucked out because if you vote for me, and I win, there will be a prize for everyone  for being so awesome!

If I win:

1st: I will add a new page to my site and you guys can choose what it will be about!!! I will take a vote to see which of several ideas you guys decide on will win. It can be anything you guys can dream of as long as it is appropriate! I will add a new edit to my picture page AND EVERYONE GETS AS MANY FREE PIES AS THEY WANT! 😀

2nd: I will make a new page and I will decide what it is about and everyone will get free pies. I will also add one new edit to my picture page.

3rd: Everyone gets free pie and I will add a new edit to my picture page.! 😀

Want to reach these incentives? Well then vote for me at




REMEMBER: you need to vote for me after every elimination in order to keep me in the competition! Thankies guys!

Christmas Party Brings Cheer to Club Penguin! December 21, 2007

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The Christmas party is AMAZING! Club Penguin mods have really out-done themselves this time! If you have not seen the party yet; what are you doing here? GO SEE IT!

Free items:

  • Reindeer Antlers
  • Santa hat
  • Bell

Rooms not Decorated 😦

  • Lighthouse (inside area-not including beacon)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Pool
  • Mine
  • Mine Shack
  • Dojo
  • Gift Shop
  • Puffle Shop
  • Stage
  • Pizza Parlor

If I forgot any rooms let me know!

A view of the party:

(See in full view for best results!)


Walking in a Winter Wonderland! December 19, 2007

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Christmas is just around the corner penguins, and Hannukah is already here! Kwanza….I’m not sure about…but yay for people who celebrate that too!

What’s new?

  • Cream came in as a runner-up in the penguin oscar awards! And Snow949 won!!!! Yay! *gives Cream and Snow free pies*
  • Coins for change is taking place, on CP. There is also a CP commercial on Disney Channel!
  • The winter party begins December 21st on Club Penguin!
  • The new igloo catalog is out!
  • Cream got a new puffle named cinnamon!
  • I made a new holiday header.
  • Check out the new site map, directing you to all of this site’s coolest pages and posts!

I will have pictures of our events soon, including Coins for Change and the Holiday party (when it happens).

Happy Holidays everyone!

Live. Laugh. Love.

Vote for Cream! Let’s Be a Team! December 9, 2007

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Penguins from around the world are uniting to achieve a common goal. What is it exactly? To vote for Cream as our next Oscar winner! Go to http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/

and vote for Creamfan2 under the page marked “Voting.”

Why? Cream has been my friend for 5 years now, and we do everything together. We even started our wordpress sites ont he same day! She has always been a kind loyal friend to me and to everyone she meets and she ahs a certain glow to her that draws people in. And to top it all off, her website is amazing!  By voting for Cream, you can not only make us happy, but you can ensure that you are visiting a nice website, with a good reputation.

Vote for Cream, Let’s be a Team!


Comments to be Deleted in The Following: December 6, 2007

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Dear, viewers,

As soon as someone tells me how I am going to delete all fo the comments in the following posts

  • Rumors, Rumors, Rumors(WAAAH I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT!!!)
  • Chat
  • Unwanted Accounts
  • My Site Diary

This has been done for various reasons:

1. There are so many comments I can never find time to look at all of them

2. People have been fighting and advertising their sites in the wrong posts

3. This is getting ridiculous.

I’m sorry to everyone who was abiding the site’s rules, and to everyone who asked questions that were never answered because I didn’t know which comments were pertinent to the post or not. I hope that all you will be understanding of these changes. Let’s turn over a new leaf and fill up those posts with fresh new comments!

Thank you everyone!

Luv Sweet Sa!<3<3<3

New Site! August 22, 2007

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My newest site is http://sunbreaths.wordpress.com/

Warning: it has NOTHING to do with Club Penguin so anyone who goes there will be disappointed if looking for more CP. It is about health, relaxation, yoga, and much, much more! It’s a work in progress…but it’s getting there!

I hope that you’ll all enjoy it!