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Cream and I See Rockhopper Again! January 26, 2008

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On the day of January 25th, Creamfan2, Moniqueha, and I went on the American server Freezer at 5:50PM, PST. There we traveled to the beach…ONLY TO FIND ROCKHOPPER! He was dancing in the middle of a GIANT crowd. We were lucky enough to meet him, however, he is carrying the same backround as before so there are no new items. 😦

Here is an awesome pic!


In other news, Emtek77 won the POA. YAY! CONGRATS EMTEK77! *Gives a slew of free pie* I will be adding a new page that I choose. And I know what it’ll be! Mwahahaha.

Stay tuned to find out!



1. rosalynlinh - January 27, 2008

cool! you met rockhopper.. again?! i never met him, i would love to though. you’re so lucky. ☺

~Rosalyn (rosalynlinh) ♥♥

2. pete3421 - January 27, 2008

lol Rockhopper is so hard to find, good job! 😀

3. emtek77 - January 27, 2008

I met rockhopper on the beach at Aurora! Congrats to you for coming in second! You missed the fiesta 😦

Cool! (To meeting Rockhopper.) Thanks you too! (For congratulating me.) And no I didn’t! (About the fiesta)
I just wasn’t on wordpress at the time. I had too many activities going on. But don’t worry! I’ll be staying.

4. belldranit - January 28, 2008

he said he eats yellow snow! EWW!!!!

No he did not.

5. belldranit - January 30, 2008

to someone else he did!

6. emtek77 - February 1, 2008


7. percy86549 - April 10, 2008

I saw aunt arctic once (that’s her username). I dont play cp anymore, though O_o

8. Cosy7682 - May 28, 2008

You are lucky I nearly found him but then the room was full!>:z

9. mimomimo82 - May 28, 2008

That is so awesome! When I met RH,he gave me an eyepatch!
But I really want that backround!

10. mimomimo86 - May 28, 2008

Hi Sweet sa!
Sorry! I’m mimomimo82! I wasn’t logged on so it didn’t say mimomimo86! JTTY! (just to tell you)ROCK ON!

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